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It’s Like Having a Star Trek Replicator Sitting On Your Desk – (Spock not included)

You’ve been there before.  Something is broken and you need that part NOW!  Then you get on the phone, call the manufacturer and find out its going to take days or weeks to get a replacement part from them.  Imagine that part is causing your entire business to sit stagnant while you wait for it to arrive, causing you thousands of dollars and backing up your production line while you wait.  Late orders, angry customers, its no fun. But that’s been the reality of a production line – until now.

Instead of the stress and frustration of the wait and angry customer phone calls, imagine pouring a cup of coffee, finding your part CAD file online, uploading it, and pressing start.  Go home, and come back the following morning with a new part just waiting to be installed, getting you back up and running in no time.

At TRS Officeware, we are the authorized distributor for Markforged 3D carbon fibre, onyx and metal printers in Western Canada. Does that scenario above sound too good to be true? It isn’t and it can be the reality in your shop right now.

We offer samples, and in shop demonstrations to help you to understand just how much money and stress these machines an make in your life.

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