Still purchasing consumables for you desktop printer?

“Still purchasing consumables for you desktop printer when all you really want is prints”

Here is the task

If you do not have nay idea how many prints you produce a month track it. Or ask the question “how much paper do we buy per month”?

One box of paper = 5000 sheets

One ream of paper = 500 sheets

So lets say 1500 sheets/prints are produced in your office per month. This example will be based on a desktop laser printer, god forbid you using a inkjet because then we can double or triple these costs you will see below.


Bored yet? Hang in there  

1500 sheets of paper are flowing thru your desktops. So once ever couple months some one needs to make sure there are replacement cartridges on the shelf when the toner low indicator comes on. A trip to Staples always a joyous task right? May as well pick up paper while you are there……..


Your office happens to use an Hp laser jet for this example, and you got a sweet deal on it, it was only $199.99, it comes with that starter cartridge that ran out on the first week but it is awesome.

$199.99 for the printer

Toner cartridges $103.49 each that yield approximately 1500 impressions at 5% (everything we print has more then 5% coverage so lets drop the actual yield by 20% conservatively, so actually yield more like 1200 impressions)

Oh it also came with a limited warranty and something about 14 days, but what a deal

So $0.0862 per impression 1500 impressions  = $129.30 per month for toner plus you get to drive to staples once a month!


If you called TRS first before getting the deal here’s what our program may have looked like but first lets recap the sweet deal


The Sweet Deal  


$129.30 per month for toner divided by those 1500 prints = $0.0862

36 month 54,000 impression = $4654.80

Plus the sweet deal on hardware=$199.99

Total 36 month expenditure only   $4854.79


The Real Deal

If you had called TRS first the outcome may have been much different!

$65.00 per month based on 1500 prints  toner/service/parts everything except plain paper = $2340.00

Saving over the 36 months $2514.00 and by the way we deliver the toner

If you are still buying printers and consumables ………….