Dealer vs the Manufacturers


Reasons why businesses should purchase business equipment from your local business equipment dealer vs the manufacturers   

Dealers offer the quality of service and flexibility that only small to medium sized businesses can deliver
If you are currently considering or you are in the process of upgrading your copier/printer/mfp’s, you have likely already realized that there are many companies interested in competing for your business. There are two types of providers that sell these devices, the direct manufactures and the local authorized dealer such as us TRS Office Products ltd.

On the surface, these two types of providers might appear the same. But beneath the surface, there are significant differences. Having evolved our company from the direct manufacture we understand this better then most dealers. Whether you live in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Brooks, Oyen, Coutts, Nanton or any other City in Southern Alberta we believe that the local dealers such as ourselves offers significant advantages over the direct manufactures.

Below you will find a several reasons why you should buy from your local dealer community.

#1 Quality of Service

Local dealers offer the quality of service that only small to medium size business can offer. When customer’s call for service, you immediately speak with your service coordinator who discovers the issue and often corrects the problem over the phone or dispatches a technician informed of the issues and armed the fix. The service coordinator establishes relationships with the customers and understands the service history of the equipment.

On the other hand, direct manufacturers use 1 800 numbers directed to call centers sometimes not even in the same country to schedule service calls! This often equates to unnecessary wait time and dispatchers that simply forward the service calls to a technician hopefully in the right region to visit your equipment. This can lead to technician diagnosing the call on site, which can lead to extra service calls and extended periods of downtime.

TRS stocks parts and consumables at all of our offices Calgary,Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, while manufactures today do not. This mean that if the manufactures technician does not have the part in their car inventory it requires that a part be shipped whereas the local dealer technician can simple return to the local office for the part usually completing the repair on the same day compared to 24 hours or more to have the part shipped.

Most offices rely on their MFP for print/copy/scan and fax and additional downtime can result in hours of lost productivity. In fact if TRS cannot repair a system within a reasonable period of time, we offer loaners.

#2 Flexibility

Businesses often mistakenly believe that they will get better pricing when dealing with the manufactures. This is simply not true. Dealers operations run with far less overhead thus having the flexibility to run with lower margins. More importantly dealers offer more flexibility when it comes to billing, we can conform to your needs whereas manufacturers are restricted by structure meaning they bill the way their systems permit.

New businesses often grow fast and it is can be challenging to place the right piece or equipment that will be suitable today and well into the future. Growth can be fast, dealers can address this by placing rental units, thus allowing for the business to get established and gain an understanding of the ultimate needs and place “the right solution” at the appropriate time rather then placing a box that quickly becomes non productive and being stuck with it.

Dealers can offer long term fixed rate service programs, where typically manufactures simple increase rates annually. History and performance of equipment by the dealer allows for a far greater understanding of how the service rates can be set according to performance of equipment.

Used equipment can be placed rather then new which offers huge savings to customers without compromise to productivity or quality.

#3 Tenure of the staff

This is a key area, dealers retain staff in position on average far longer then do the direct operations. This affords better understanding from both the sales and service perspective. It also lends itself to accountability.

With tenure comes experience and knowledge. Dealer clear far more in coming service calls before a technician is dispatched which translate to far greater uptime with dealer installed equipment.

#4 Local economy

Direct manufactures like Xerox, Konica Minolta, Canon are multinational corporations that operate in almost every country around the world. The invoices that you pay to these companies feed a global system that ultimately pays its public shareholders dividends.

When you purchase from your local dealer such as TRS the investment goes back into the local community. It helps to grow the dealership create new jobs for people in the communities we serve.

Dealers support local community events those that the manufactures would not consider. In our case sporting and association events such as the Alberta Winter/Sumer Games, local curling events, Pheasants Forever (local Chapters) and the local Figure skating associations to highlight a few. These are meaningful sponsorship that touches the communities in which we live and work.

#5 National dealer network

Local Dealers such as ourselves do not have office in all the major cities across the country like the direct operations, but we do have access to the dealer network, which covers far more area including the major centers in Canada. This means that we can work with larger businesses to co ordinate installations from coast to coast on behalf of the businesses within our market areas. We can be the one point of contact to insure that the standards all dealers within are adhered to on your behalf.

The direct operations play a key role for us as dealers. We gain certifications, we get sales support and we have access to timing technical information. This is the role of the manufactures but when it comes to sales, service and customer support the dealer community delivers!