Managed Print Services

When you want your copiers and printers to work without having to maintain them, you want a managed print services provider like TRS on your team.

"What are managed print services?"

Basically, you pay a per copy usage fee to TRS each month and in return we look after your equipment for you including keeping the toners full and a stash of consumables in your office, just in case you run out of something on the weekend or late at night.

There are no monthly minimum fees. You pay as you go based on consumption rates, even if you didn't buy the copier from us. As long as we can support the copier we can offer you managed print services.

Once we know your printing patterns and monthly volumes, we will develop a service agreement that makes sense for both of us.

Call us at 403.235.3515 and let's see if a managed print service is for you.