10 steps to a better day at the office

The Dreaded Paper JAM -10 steps to a better day at the office

Paper Jam-01

We have all seen this but how about some tips to minimize the task of clearing the misfeed, and how to avoid downtime.

Always remove staples from your originals and do it somewhere other then on top of the equipment. We have a rather large collection of staples at the shop that have been removed from document feeders.

1.Keep you paper in the packaging until it is required and use it all before opening another ream. Paper contains moisture, retaining it minimizes static while in use in the system.

2. Crack the fresh ream over your knee. Just like you would bust a stick. Paper is cut and the fibers can catch while running through the equipment causing no pick up or the horrible multi sheet misfeed. We do not suggest Reggie’s method, but it would work too!

3. If you think the jam occurred in the paper drawer, check the display first as it will tell you, then open the vertical transport first NOT the drawer. If the paper cannot be retrieved from the vertical transport, then slowly open the drawer to avoid the sheet getting ripped. If it rips, go get a coffee and call you service provider.

4. Always pull the paper in the direction of travel if possible. Use the knobs in the equipment whenever possible to move the paper to a position where it can be removed. Also turn the knob in the direction indicated on the knobs.

5. We highly recommend that you do not use letter openers, scissors or any other implement that is sitting on your desk. The use of one of these often ends badly, chargeable service call to name one. We also have a collection of these at the office!

6. Stay calm

7. The display screen at least on the Konica Minolta’s that we sell and service often displays where the jam occurred and the other pages whereabouts that were in sequence. The occurrence will be flashing and the other solid leading the user to where to start.

8. Don’t panic

9. The Konica Minolta equipment has full job recovery to if you clear the paper and reload your originals as present on the display screen the job will recover, so there will be no missing pages.

10. If your system jams multiple times from the same tray over the course of a day call for service. It is time to change the feed rollers.